Nilgun International Trading  Inc. (Niltex) is an international trading firm, specialized in the trading of silk yarns and fabrics. The company was founded in 2001 in Bursa, the capital of Turkish silk industry. The company's mission is to provide its clients with a wide variety of precious silk yarns and fabrics, along with value added services.    

From its inception Niltex has aimed to be one of the major silk trading companies in the international markets. The solid foundations, various strategical partnerships and expertise of the company's management team are the most important assets of Niltex. Today Niltex has very a strong presence in the international silk market and currently is the largest supplier in the Turkish market.

With a strong commitment to understanding customers, Niltex strives to creat discernible differences in the products and services. We observe our customer chain very carefully in order to determine the current wants and anticipate the future needs of our customers. The selection of new materials, innovative products and high quality standards differentiate Niltex's products and services.

HEAD OFFICE Address : Buttim İş Merkezi E-Blok Kat 5 No. 1572 16250 BURSA / TURKEY Telephone : +90-224-2110805 -
SPAIN OFFICE Address : Raimundo Fernandez Villaverde 37-3B 28003 Madrid SPAIN Telephone : +34- 915533674



You can find our silk lounge & sleepwear and home textile products under our ICON SILK brand at




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